Large commercial vehicles (for example semi-trucks) can pose a unique danger to other drivers on the roadway. Their large blind spots, extended stopping distances, and high center of gravity are often factors in collisions with other vehicles. In claims or lawsuits involving truck accidents, an important piece of evidence to preserve is the trucking company’s work-log. This is important because many truck drivers violate hours of service regulations in an effort to meet delivery deadlines. These drivers may become fatigued and lose their ability to operate a vehicle safely. A company work log can reveal this type of work violation and help prove a truck driver’s liability for the accident and resulting injuries.

When investigating the cause of a truck accident, it is important to do so as close to the accident date as possible. Trucking companies are only required to retain their work records for a short time period. If they are lost or destroyed, it can be difficult to prove negligence on the part of a driver, absent police reports indicating motor vehicle violations.